A bizarre mystery of Hawaii Island

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The Kabai Islands is located 75 miles from Honolulu, it comes in Hawaii state of Western Island in US. A hill is 60 feet high and half a mile long on the edge of it. In this, the grains of sand, shells, and lava are found, which is a surprise in itself, and it is also surprising that there often comes the sound of dog barking. This sound is heard abundantly on occasions like in night darkness and natural outbreaks. This area is forbidden for children because children are afraid to hear this voice. Till date, no expert or any scientist has been able to discover the reason why this dog-bark comes out of it.

Also, It confirmed that no dog ​​from the nearby village barks and the no echo is coming. In history, Fred Patjell, known as the ‘Haag Caller Champion’, is an example which is famous about that he used to say so loud that his voice could be heard for 3 miles away, but in this island There is no such person, there is no animal whose voice can reach such a distance. The mystery that has remained secret and has been waiting for a long time for its analysis.

Some of the mysteries of nature are such that those who have to see the fingers under the teeth. Desert sand-filled deserts are still challenging human intelligence to tell their secret.

The singing sand is found in different parts of the world. It is about the twelfth century- Marcopolo was passing through the trunk house in the remote desert of Middle Asia, including Marcopolo. At the time of dining in the evening, the group heard a whistle-like melodious voice playing like a whistle. If there is no reason for this, the party’s elite ran away. They obviously considered him a terror of ghosts.

Often all the porter were standing, but three prevented him with great difficulty. They were being scurried by the horror of ghosts; In this deserted continent, such a sweet banshee can be played overnight, except for the ghosts. They continued to express their eagerness to run away. MarcoPolo has succeeded in stopping him from cleverness. He showed the remaining three policemen a magic talent near him and said – it is completely capable of protecting the ghosts. The ghosts who whistle to the porter who had fled yesterday, they caught hold of the front of the mound and chewed and made their skin buggy and kept playing.

Even if you want to run away, go away, but you also have the same fault. Yes, if you stay with me then this amulet is not mine, you will also protect yourself. This assurance stopped the clans and it was possible to cross the desert. Marcopolo had a great fight to find out about that deserted music, but there were no results. They did not believe in the ghosts, but there was no other reason for this silent-noisiness.

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