Adopt these eating habits to achieve the health of body and mind

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If any of animals are ill then they themselves do their own treatment. Due to fasting , due to being futile, life force working in elsewhere in body gets accumulated in the disease prevention and they become cured by this treatment. Appropriate treatment for human beings can also prove to be a universal remedy for disease.

Must have full fast for one day in the week. Such exemption facility must be given to the digestive system. If body is in grip of colds, coughs, fever etc. then more than a day can be fasted too.

Fasting has been given an added importance in religious purposes. People of religious nature also do the same. There is more enthusiasm and courage for women in this. But in this context the irregularity is taken, it is all sorrowful. Due to fasting, potato etc., which are considered to be fruitful, have been eaten in more quantity due to delicious food. Consequently, the result is inversely reversed. Function can be only in the form of quantitative reduction and enhancing integrity. When name is “Eat only fruits”, it should be in accordance with words. Fresh fruits of freshly dried trees can be taken once in fasting as needed. Due to being kept in their more expensive and cold storages, work should be done with vegetarianism. If they can get fresh fruits then they are also fine. It is a good idea to boil the beans, juice or fruit juices prepared with boiling. Fluid things like milk, curd, buttermilk can also work. The less you can do this, the better, the better.

The actual fasting is in which water is repeatedly drunk in excess, but any diet that weighs on stomach should not be taken, leave – sleeping. On that day stomach is allowed to take full rest in one way. To clean the lemon juice in a lukewarm water, one can eat soda and honey or jaggery and drink several times a day as a tea. If you like it, you can also put some leaves of Tulsi in this beverage. This drink also cleanses stomach, and there is no possibility of cramping in stomach due to hunger.

And here we have listed few good tips:

1. Take a hot diet – hot food gets intense gastric intake, food is digested quickly.

2. Eat a lukewarm diet – Nourishment of lactating food makes the senses strong and strong.

3. Eat quantity food – Due to the digestive power, the appropriate amount of food is healthy.

4. Eat food on digestion- First eat after eating food and only after eating hunger.

5. Eat unheeded semen – food of interdependence (virtue and power) causes disease.

6. Eat in a favorable place – Eat the sweet foods of the mind in a favorable place.

7. Do not take diet quickly – due to lack of proper eating of lalars due to fast food, the digestion of food is delayed.

8. Do not take food very slowly – gradually, do not satisfy food by stopping to stay, diet becomes cold and the food becomes odd.

9. Take a concentrated diet – by doing this, the food is digested and produce better outcomes in body.

10. Eat food according to self-capability- ask yourself before consuming, is this diet beneficial to me or harmful?

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