Have a happy life

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High-quality psychic achievements are available to any individual only because they do know the methods required to achieve them. In general, if no one can be happy, then how can one develop a necessary mentality suitable for higher level practice?

In order to fully awake the brain and take full advantage of its abilities, it is necessary first of all to make it as comfortable, dependable, light and stable. If there is a habit of being happy in all circumstances, then it should be understood that miraculous cerebral abilities are stepped up on the highway to wake up.

Like day and night, human life keeps coming and going for some dear and unpleasant events. Due to these bipartisan phenomena, the beauty and significance of life continue. If same type of conditions remain unchanged then everything here will look rigid and dull. Always keep dear, friendly and pleasant conditions, if there is ever unpleasant and unfavorable situation, then there will be no need for skill, commitment, and boldness. People will complete the day of death, somehow living a lazy, inefficient and monotonous life.

The inconvenience caused by favorable and adverse conditions is not as much as human virtues. Development of virtues such as happiness, courage, patience, balance, foresight, and testing is possible only in adverse conditions. If there is always favorable compatibility then those who live in that type of environment will be left behind in terms of qualities. They will not necessarily experience this kind of development.

Keeping in mind the countless facts of this nature, Nature has created compatibility in this world. By taking advantage of the favorable situation, we increase our facilities and wee down our talents by tearing off the adversity, it is appropriate and this is the appropriate.

Many people lose mental balance in adverse conditions and they start to feel uneasy. Once pain is not overcome or if there is no success then they get frustrated. Many people are moving forward even further and the sitting class feared for the future. Think of the solution to the inconvenience presented, think of the solution, by expecting it to worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, anxiety, and frustration, and then create a new disaster for themselves. Danger of this intellectual depression and losses arising from it should be understood in our time so that danger of trapping in that team can be avoided. German psychologists have asked the people of anxiety to classify their causes, it has been found that 40 percent of the problems were such that they were only awaited, they did not come forward. 30 percent were very modest, they were the reasons, but the sense and the circumstances settled them so that there was no confusion at the time, 12 percent were health-related. They were cured of the treatment, neither were they incapable, nor did they cause a life crisis. 10 percent were those that had some seriousness. Only 8 percent worries were such that could be said to be heavy and lethal.

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