How to acquire the mentality of success?

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If you want to be financially successful, then let the thoughts of prosperity come into heart in abundance. Never assume that you are born to be in poverty and insignificance. If there is something that is worst, then it is only thought-narrowness. The evil thoughts of poverty prevent us from being prosperous because the poor thinks that He or she can never recover from it.

You are not born on Earth to live in an inferior state like poor or orphan. You have not been born to be slaves for only a handful of grains or clothes.
Life becomes stagnant when there is a shortage of poverty, man becomes impoverished by suppressing debt, it seems difficult to keep his pride, self-respect even safer. Poor people have always been seen as old age in terms of the thoughtfulness. The children who are born in homes of poor people, in their secret minds, hidden mental glands of poverty are so complex that they cannot achieve anything higher in life. Poverty puts to face the freshened face of the lotus, the best wishes are destroyed. This sad mental poverty is going to grind to a man. Hundreds of humans are immersed in the pit of this meanness.

There is also a mental condition, qualification, and effort required for economic success. To be rich, you also have to collect something like mental worship.

It is not the wish of God is that we remain a slave of others even more financially. He has given us the discretion, by which we can understand the difference of proper unfair expenditure, the subject can be free from lust and narcotics, can reduce our improper expenditure, luxury, and fashion, Can stop wastage It is a matter of our hands to increase your income. The more we work, the skills will be elaborated, we will achieve excellence, recognition, expertise in our education, in the same proportion, our income will also increase. There is no injustice in the world. Everyone gets wealth according to their own merit and skill. Then why do not we increase our qualifications and prove ourselves in every way worthy of conflict?

Mr. Orison Morden has written in his book ‘Peace and prosperity’, drawing attention to many essential elements-

‘Find cause of many poor people in the world, you will know that they do not believe in self, they do not believe they can get rid of poverty. We want to tell poor that they can also upgrade and uplift themselves from such harsh conditions. Hundreds have been uplifted from such a situation and therefore we say that there is hope for these poor people also. They can change the miserable situation. Self-confidence in the world is such a key that opens the door to success.

Nature has given immense hope to Humans to look up and not downward. Human birth has happened to climb up, not to fall down.

Poverty is actually a mental disease. Every person can get rid of this disease. A poor young man should begin to rely on his soul and ability to become rich. He decided that within him there are all the abilities that the human beings are nominated in the world. He continued to make his auspicious fantasies a reality. And reached the highest peak of success. Due to being courageous, productive and enthusiastic in any arena of life, everyone can become prosperous.

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