Importance of Worship

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Worship is a very essential and compulsory medium for spiritual progress. Worship order running with practice of life-saving, offers promising results, there is a great success in achieving it. Therefore, philosophers and self-respecters considered worship to be an essential daily duty of life. Those who ignore in this context and falls in laziness, they have been bitterly condemned.

For the body purification, immersion of excrement, washing of hands, bathing is necessary – it is necessary to disintegrate the ten senses – in same way, inner purification of mind, intellect comes with self-meditation, self-refinement, By refining the process of self-creation and self-development, internal refining of the body is achieved. The daily karmic only should not be confined to body purification, but removal of internal delinquency in form of essential duty should also be done regularly.

Like physical health, like external purification, mental health and internal purification should also be taken care of. We are not only the soul but also daily protection of both of them should not necessarily be regarded as a daily duty, even daily religion should be considered necessary. External purification is called daily jobs and inner purification is called spiritual purification. For both of these, we must be wary of promptly. Otherwise overall health will not be stable and achieving life expectancy will not be possible.

Heat can be obtained from the proximity of fire, if you stay away from it, the benefits that can be obtained through heat can not be obtained. If you are feeling cold, then the suffering is overcome by the burning fire, to digest food, to heat the water, then these items have to be kept close to the fire. If the umbilocks are kept somewhere else, the purpose of cooking will not be complete. Similarly, if the ruler of all powers is away from God, if he does not sit with him, then he will not be able to attain those qualities, on which basis the common man-animal-great human is developed.

The nearness and joy of the proximity are all known. If the relatives are away, then the mind is depressed, but when they get an opportunity to live together, then they are happy and persevere. When a husband, wife, mother-son, brother-brother, friends and friends find an opportunity to live together, then they have great satisfaction and strength. The situation changes in disguise. Depression encompasses and experiences loneliness, and weakness. The body and mind of loved ones provide strength, excitement and joy to each other, this is a surefire fact. Therefore everyone is persistent and effortless to get the proximity of loved ones.

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