Liberty Home Guard Review | Flexible Home Warranties You Can Trust

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Liberty Home Guard aims to provide its customers with a smart and convenient way to protect their homes.

The home warranty company takes its customers seriously, doing everything it can to resolve their problems.

Liberty Home Guard empowers its clientele by giving them the ability to make decisions regarding their home warranty.

For example, Liberty Home Guard gives its customers the choice to decide whether they want to repair an item or simply have it replaced.

They want to provide you with the necessary tools to keep your home safe. As a result, no matter what the problem, Liberty Home Guard is always available to help you.

Liberty Home Guard Review: Top Features

Liberty Home Guard logoLiberty Home Guard protects your home in many ways. With its comprehensive plans and helpful tools, Liberty Home Guard makes our list of the best home warranty companies.

Here are just a few of our favorite features you’ll get with a Liberty Home Guard home warranty.

No-Hassle Contractor Locator

With Liberty Home Guard, you don’t have to spend time online trying to find the right professional for help.

Reading reviews and getting quotes is tedious and wastes your time.

Let Liberty Home Guard do the research for you, and you’ll have a qualified contractor at your home in no time.

60-Day Promise

Sometimes problems aren’t thoroughly fixed the first go around.

As a result, Liberty Home Guard promises that if your issue arises again with 60 days, they’ll send out another professional to take care of the problem. They do this at no charge to you.

No Limits on Coverage

Liberty Home Guard knows that there’s a bit of truth to the old cliché “when it rains, it pours.” That’s why they don’t limit the number of claims you can make each year.

If everything goes south at the same time, Liberty Home Guard wants you to know they’ve got your back.

Automatic Renewal

If you sign up for automatic payments with Liberty Home Guard, you’ll get a renewal notice 30 days prior to the end of your contract.

Signing up for automatic payments means you don’t have to worry about your coverage lapsing or your home not having the protection it needs in the event of an emergency.

Warranty Plans

Liberty Home Guard provides several home warranty plans for its customers.

If you need help determining which plan makes the most sense for you, Liberty Home Guard will provide you with a free quote.

No matter which plan you choose, you can be sure you’ll get the coverage you need with Liberty Home Guard.

Appliance Warranty

The Appliance Warranty plan will cost you $39.99 a month or $399.99 each year. This plan protects the appliances in your home.

While it’s not a comprehensive plan, it does provide coverage for important things like your dishwasher, washer and dryer, refrigerator, oven, and more.

Systems Guard

You’ll pay $49.99 a month or $499.99 annually for the Systems Guard plan.

This plan covers all the major systems in your home. So if your heating, air conditioning, plumbing, or electrical systems go haywire, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that Liberty Home Guard has them covered.

Total Home Guard

The Total Home Guard offers you the best of both worlds. You’ll get the coverage of both the Appliance Warranty and the Systems Guard all in one plan.

Total Home Guard costs $59.99 each month or $599.99 every year. Everything listed in the previous plans is covered under the Total Home Guard plan.


Liberty Home Guard customers also have add-on options they can include in their home warranty plan.

This includes items like the following:

  • Pool and Spa coverage
  • Sump Pump coverage
  • Septic System coverage
  • Second refrigerator or a stand-alone freezer

Additionally, keep in mind that Liberty Home Guard does not provide national coverage, so rates may change based on your location.

The Good

Liberty Home Guard has plenty of great benefits. Here are some of the ones we like most.

Customer Support

Liberty Home Guard has a courteous and knowledgeable customer support team waiting to help you anytime you have a problem.

The team will go above and beyond to assist you when you run into an issue, even if it’s not covered in your current plan. This is what sets Liberty Home Guard apart from other home warranty companies.

No-Risk Contract

When choosing to use Liberty Home Guard for your home warranty needs, you’re under no obligation to sign a contract.

If you just want to try out one of the plans, you’re free to cancel at any time.

Even if you’re in the middle of a claim, Liberty Home Guard will refund your money excluding any services you’ve already received.

Multiple Contract Options

If you decide to pay for your home warranty coverage a year at a time, Liberty Home Guard gives you two months free.

However, customers also have the option to go month to month if that’s the option that works best for them.

Additionally, Liberty Home Guard offers a multi-year alternative that saves customers the most money on their plans.

No Inspection Necessary

Some home warranty companies require a home inspection before accepting a customer. That’s not the case with Liberty Home Guard.

It doesn’t matter how old or what condition your systems or appliances are. Liberty Home Guard does not require an inspection or maintenance information in order to provide coverage for your home.

Change Plans Easily

If you’re within the first month of your contract, Liberty Home Guard will let you change your plan.

If you discover that you need more coverage, or the coverage you chose is simply too much, Liberty Home Guard will allow you to adjust your plan as needed.

Painless Claims Process

If you need to file a claim with Liberty Home Guard, all you must do is hop online or grab your phone. They’ll help you find the right professional to take care of your problem.

When everything is taken care of, Liberty will reach back out to you to ensure that you’re satisfied with your experience.

The Bad

Unfortunately, Liberty Home Guard is only available in certain states.

While the home warranty company does cover a large portion of the United States, it should be stated that it doesn’t cover everyone.

However, Liberty Home Guard can focus on those areas in which it does provide service, which makes them the experts for those locations.

Liberty Home Guard does require that they send out one of their professionals for every claim you make. Most of the time, this won’t be a problem and is actually a good thing.

However, there may be an instance when you already have an established relationship with a contractor or service professional and would rather use them as opposed to the person Liberty Home Guard sends out.

Alternatives to Liberty Home Guard Review

Be sure to consider some of the top alternatives to Liberty Home Guard as you shop for your home warranty.

The Bottom Line

Even though Liberty Home Guard doesn’t provide nationwide service, it still offers comprehensive home warranty coverage to its customers.

It provides great features and benefits to its customers and does so with a professional and courteous staff.

Liberty Home Guard users have several plan options from which they can choose and have the flexibility to change their plan within the first 30 days of their contract.

If you’re looking for a home warranty, Liberty Home Guard is a great way to go.

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