Man is the super-hub of power

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Man is the hub of power. The ignorance and illusion have hidden his greatness. Just when human beings get rid of this confusion, their divine powers re-appears. By Yoga and meditation, mental powers can be enhanced and miraculous work can be done.

Belief and faith are two sureties of spirituality. As iron and fire, these two items can be used to make various weapon tools, so many spiritual miraculous powers can be obtained on the basis of faith and belief. At the dark night, a small bush can become a ghost in a deserted forest, and anyone could get disguised and fall in horror. Similarly, the darkness of knowledge can make you illusionist.

On the bite of a rat, a man died by believing that he had eaten a snake. One person died by drinking ordinary medicine because reason was that someone accidentally stamped the label of ‘poison’ on the drug bottle. The patient understood that I had consumed poison, in this confusion he died. Once a criminal was sentenced to death in a city of Europe. The doctors accepted the government’s decision to kill this criminal by their actions. The culprit was lined up on a table and blindfolded and a small pin was pounded near the throat, leaving two-drop blood. At the same place, water was flown by a thin hose from top to bottom, which would occur on his neck and drip under the table. The culprit was convinced that his vein has been cut in which blood is bleeding, he believed in the matter of doctors and only ten or fifteen drops died due to his belief only after blood bleeding.

Many patients suffer from anxiety and panic due to panic and anxiety, but they increase their disease and they suffer from adverse effects. Where the situation comes from undeserved faith, there is also destruction of sorrows. Lokmanya Tilak’s thumb was to have a once-in-depth operation. Due to the possibility of more suffering, doctors arrange chloroform snacks. Take it, mother. Tilak said to the doctor- Do not be so confused, I will be busy reading a book of interest and take the operation. Taking the Tilak book, the doctor threw the thumb, he was not aware of pain, leaving his hand loose with unimpressive emotion, he kept on studying. Mantra strength is immense, many wonderful things happen through him.

Forces are the productive power. On the basis of the imagination, the first plans are made, then they come out directly. A house or factory is built in the mind of someone first. Its map, structure, shape, and type of style are made in mind. Becoming like that exactly comes in front of eyes in some time. The kind of things a man thinks about, same circumstances keep coming in his life. The production power of mind is surprising, which are sown in the seeds mind area, they are reflected in the form of an image in front of eyes. Man makes himself a monk, a saint, a sage, a scholar and a prosperous man by his thoughts and becomes mad, foolish, eccentric, neurotic, malicious and poor in his own thoughts. It is a matter of your decision to lift and drop your hands. Not only this, it is a matter of man’s hand to create a world war, hatred, discord, unrest, lack, nuisance and happiness, peace, harmony. Receiving heaven or hell, making God and salvation free is the game of mind only.

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