Nations Home Warranty Review | Is It the Best Home Protection in Texas?

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Nations Home Warranty has been serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth area since 1996.

They offer valuable services in their own neighborhoods by building relationships with their customers and providing quality care.

Remaining local has allowed them to specialize in unique problems that plague homes in the metro area and boost the local economy by creating jobs and treating their employees well.

Below, we’ll take a look at Nations Home Warranty’s coverage, cost, and claims process to help you determine whether or not it’s the best warranty provider for you.

Coverage Features

Nations Home Warranty LogoEven Nations Home Warranty’s basic plan provides critical coverage for your home needs, putting it on our list of the best home warranty companies.

With so many options to choose from, you’ll get comprehensive and customizable coverage that works for you.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect your coverage to encompass:

Electrical System

Your electrical system is responsible for keeping the lights on, operating your appliances, and allowing you to relax in front of the TV.

If you have faulty wiring or a problem with your electrical system that causes your electricity to go out, Nations Home Warranty can help. They’ll cover your electrical system so you can get back to preparing meals for your family and reading with your bedside lamp.

Heating System

Texas winters are brutal. No one wants to live without their heating system in the coldest months, and Nations Home Warranty understands that.

If you have problems with your heating system or its components, a representative will come to assess the problem and fix it quickly so you won’t be out in the cold for long, if at all.


We don’t live in the dark ages, and most of us don’t have an outhouse in the back. You want to keep your toilets working and your lines clear so you can take care of business.

If you encounter a leak or a stoppage, Nations Home Warranty can clear it away so that you can enjoy the wonders of modern plumbing.

Lawn and Pest Coverage

One unique feature that Nations Home Warranty offers is lawn and pest coverage. Many other home warranty competitors don’t include this in the basic plan or at all.

Nations Home Warranty provides access to lawn care and pest control treatments as part of your home warranty package at a much more affordable cost than paying for these services through a contractor.


Nations Home Warranty includes many appliances in their plans, and the basic plan covers your built-in microwave, stove, oven, range, dishwasher, and trash compactor.

Your kitchen will always be in normal operating order with this home warranty, and you won’t have to worry about getting them fixed if something goes wrong.

Warranty Plans

Nations Home Warranty services the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Their pricing is based on the type of home you own and the square footage.

While pricing will vary for each person’s circumstance, the following plan pricing is based on a 2000-square-foot single family home.

The great thing about Nations Home Warranty plans is that any of them can be customized with a comprehensive list of add-ons.

Basic Package

 The basic package costs $38 per month or $455 per year. It includes coverage for your essential appliances, ductwork, ducted electrical air conditioning, heating system, electrical, lawn and pest coverage, and plumbing.

Preferred Plan

The preferred plan costs $43.50 per month or $520 per year. It includes everything in the basic plan plus your garage door opener and subterranean termite treatments.

Ultimate Plan

The ultimate plan costs $52.50 per month or $630 per year.

It includes everything in the basic and preferred plans plus your primary kitchen refrigerator along with the ice maker and dispenser, your washer, and your dryer.

Premier Package

The premier package can be added to any plan for $8.50 per month or $100 per year.

It includes your garage door, door and track adjustments, track assembly, cables, rollers, transmitters, remote controls, and exterior touchpads.


Nations Home Warranty offers a comprehensive list of add-ons including the following:

  • Washer and dryer
  • Free-standing freezer
  • Garage door opener
  • Lawn sprinkler system
  • Pool and spa equipment
  • Well pump
  • Wine cooler, and more.

These add-ons range in price from $2 to $12 per month or $30 to $190 per year and any add-on can be added to any plan, making the plans customizable and better suited to your needs.

The Good

Along with excellent coverage, Nations Home Warranty provides additional conveniences and benefits to its customers that make it easy to file claims, view your account, and get help.

Mobile Application

Nations Home Warranty has a mobile application that allows you to log in on your mobile phone when you’re not near a computer.

You can view your account dashboard, update your information, or submit a claim. With apps for both Android and iOS, most users will find a mobile solution they can use.

Home warranty customers can easily search for their contract, file a claim, and check claim status. The company is constantly improving the app and adding more features, so as a Nations Home Warranty customer, there is always something new and exciting.

Support in English and Spanish

If you are a bilingual household or you only speaks Spanish, you can still get coverage that makes sense for you.

Nations Home Warranty services the ever-growing Hispanic population in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area by providing the same valuable services in Spanish as they do in English.

Easy Claims

Nations Home Warranty offers a smooth claims process online and on the mobile app. If you need to submit a claim, just log in to your account on the website or the mobile app and follow the instructions.

They will guide you through a set of prompts to enter either your home address or your contract number and discuss your issues.

Once your claim is submitted, you can count on prompt and professional service. A knowledgeable representative or service agent will come to your home, assess the problem, implement a timely fix, and get you on your way.


Nations Home Warranty has an extensive FAQ section on their website to guide you through some of the questions you may have regarding home warranties and coverage options.

You can use this section to find what you need. You also have access to company information that should set your mind at ease about choosing this service for your home warranty needs.

The Bad

Although Nations Home Warranty offers comprehensive and customizable plans with excellent customer service, there are two key downsides to their product offering and additional features.

  • Cost: Nations Home Warranty is typically more expensive than their competitors, so if cost is your main concern, you’ll want to look at alternatives.
  • Coverage area: They only service the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, meaning you’ll need to look elsewhere if you don’t live in those areas.

While their services are not available in other areas and their coverage might cost a bit more, this allows them to specialize in the unique needs of a centralized population and build relationships with their neighbors.

The higher cost comes from the unique ability to completely customize your plan for your exact needs.

Alternatives to Nations Home Warranty

If you live outside of the area Nations Home Warranty serves, you’ll need to find an alternate company for your home warranty needs. No matter where you live, here are some of the top home warranty companies.

The Bottom Line

Nations Home Warranty offers comprehensive coverage from a local company you’ll be glad to support.

They don’t have the same online help as some other competitors, and they may have higher prices, but they provide exceptional service and focus on relationship building.

What they lack in an online help section or app functionality they make up for in the ability to customize your plan to suit your needs so that you only pay for the features that matter to you.

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