Psychoanalyzing is the Key to Success

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Work diligently on your own. Abandon laziness and don’t search for unnecessary lusts all the times. Your secret hidden abilities are capable of doing a lot. Remember, human desires are so infinite that they are even difficult to count. Fulfillment of all is impossible. So Some will have to abandon only, let’s cut down on your needs according to your financial strength. There are many desires that cannot be fulfilled, such as desire for more & more money, the desire of authority, house or desire for more property. Satisfaction of beauty is also impossible. There are several requirements that are complementary to each other. suppose if you play tennis then you have to face ball also, similarly, if you have a big unnecessary desire then you feel its heat upon you for sure. Therefore, be alert & attentive and don’t fall into the traps of bad circumstances. This is key to success.
Increasing requirements above a certain threshold limit leads to anxiety and sadness, so by reducing them, happiness, satisfaction and ultimate success are achieved. Man is not satisfied with the same kind of happiness over a long period of time. So dissatisfaction always remains. But that type of dissatisfaction is definitely condemnable in which man gets himself into the pond of unhappiness and sadness.
The wise man should have strict control over his needs. In order to overcome these barriers and become joyful and successful, a powerful determination is needed.
Here is the statement of a Great thinker: ‘One who wants to attain maximum satisfaction and happiness, it is absolutely necessary to subdue his mind and senses. If we shed ourselves in craving and lust, our dissatisfaction will have no limits. ‘
Many temptations quickly subdue us, we forget our available resources and become subdued. Later on, we scream and cry. The taste of the tongue, the amusement, the lusts of our heart, keeps us in control. When we see a gorgeous advertisement of cinema, we lose our mind with our hands, and whether we are hungry all day long, we spend our money on them. In all these, we have a dire need for Psychoanalyz. Thus, Have patience on your mind. and you will see that you will be able to control the senses. The one who remains desire-free always remains joyful.
The temptation is like a sharp windstorm, which also has the strongest character if one is not alert, it has the power to torn you apart. The person who is always aware can remain free from the world’s lure temptations, false assumptions. If you fall victim of temptation and lust, then many years will past repenting on it.

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