The mystery of Dreams

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Once the American Police analyzed the dreams of 1000 people who were considered as educated and convincing Americans, 40% of their dreams were related to some crime. Many people used to be big characters in front of their religious disciples But in the dreams, it came to the revelation that this was a white deception by them. The truth was that their attachment has been with many corrupt persons. Many people used to look great solicitors but all that was deception. All of that which came out of that dream-analysis was accepted by those people eventually. This spread fear in the US people and people stopped doing dream analysis because that was revealing their concealed truths.

Scientists have discovered that 98 percent of the perpetrators of the dream will come again and again. These frequencies are excited by artificial dreams so that the visual and record of how many ancient criminals of any person comes. One day, it is possible that such records should be kept in every person’s life and their relationship should be linked to those who dream of the same kind, then not only will the reincarnation be certified, but the karma will also appear in its unique form. These scenes will also be seen on ‘Electron Television’. Science is fast moving forward in that direction.

According to Russian Dr. B. Kastakin, due to appearing outside of any disease, the unconscious mind is already informed about it. Therefore, information about diseases like tuberculosis and other lung diseases and jaundice comes in the form of dreams in front of humans. According to him, if the mountains climb to the summit in the dream, see the breathlessness of the breath, or after an accident, look like some burden on the chest, or swim in the river-pond, have difficulty in getting out and experiencing load or pressure on the chest Then there is a surety of the possibility of attack of any disease.

The internal conditions of body and mind are expressed in dreams. Once they are aware of the nature of a well-developed, sure learning method, they can be diagnosed and treated with physical and mental disorders. Trustworthy and authentic information can also be similar to even Pathology reports.

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