The science of yoga and mesmerism

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A large part of yoga science is set on science of mesmerism. Heaven, hell, can see the scene of folklore. A man can feel the words, the scent in anyway he wants. The one who practice Nad Yoga listens to a variety of melodious words, music, sounds. The one who do the meditation sees a lots of fantastic images. The values of Jain, Hindu, Christian, Lama, etc. have different beliefs. According to these beliefs, their seekers are self-interviewed. On the basis of mesmerism science, the seeker can perceive his beliefs a little too late with his senses even in true state.

The origin of compound powers is not out. They are not received from outside, from the grace of any goddess. There is an abundant stock of power in it. Seekers employ their mental powers by self-learning, employ themselves, and gain the desired benefits. By establishing your God and entering into Himself through your devotion, the soul becomes divine. Knowing this great truth, Vedas has given light of ‘life’ elements. Other creatures do not know God, wisdom of man has invented divine. Particle of the world is full of particle power, one atom is filled with power to present the doomsday. Then the human body is made up of innumerable atoms. Mental atoms are more powerful than them, then there is nothing comparable to the greatness of spiritual astral atomic power. Astral power of universe is present in body, entire existence of tree is present in seed only needs blooming. Through spiritual practices, we awaken our various different powers and make miracles of yoga available.

By influencing yourself with powerful resolution power, self-made can be made. Pleasures that can be received by material objects can be achieved by the same or more, by the urge of the sojourn resolution, by affecting others, they can be applied on a useful path. By removing the mental defects of oneself or others, it can be made physically and intellectually healthy or made. The desired rebirth, the world or the free-state can be created. With good mental balance and adopting a philosophical subtle approach can be avoided due to the sad consequences caused by the unborn phenomenon. In addition to this, there are some surprising generational accomplishments on basis of any special rituals and means.

In self-meditation, by yoga meditation, by our own relationship, by manifesting our powers, there is emergence of useful elements. Yoga is a scientific process. According to which, use of your body and mind is invented in school, on basis of exploration, testing, and experimentation, important facts are invented. This science has achieved miraculous achievements of our ancestor yoga. Now Dr. Freud Doctor Mesmer, Doctor, and Chancellor. Psychologists have started scientific research in a modern way. The more science is becoming clear, importance of same mental powers is becoming manifest. That auspicious day is going to come soon when science will accept greatest powers of human beings and the greatest benefits. Then both Vedanta and psychology will declare spiritual science from one level.

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