Total Home Protection Review | What the Home Warranty Company Offers

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Total Home Protection has only been around since 2016, but their reputation for great coverage and prices has grown quickly.

They are committed to excellent service and comprehensive warranties. They contract with pre-screened technicians to provide their customers with trusted professionals in any situation.

Total Home Protection prides themselves on customer service, and even in situations where your problem falls outside the scope of your contract, they’re dedicated to helping make it right.

They have a high standard of ethics and great ratings anywhere you look online. Employees at Total Home Protection are dedicated to upholding the company’s standards, which is what makes them unique.

They offer exceptional customer service with a desire to build relationships with every warranty holder.

Coverage Features

Total Home Protection LogoIf you’re looking for comprehensive coverage for your home, Total Home Protection has what you need, even in the most basic plan. Their comprehensive coverage and quality customer experience make them one of the best home warranty companies you can find.

Their pricing varies by location, but many of their coverage items can be added on as extras to any plan, giving you more comprehensive and customizable coverage.


 Your ductwork flows throughout your house, delivering air and circulation when you need it. It’s a critical component to the operation of your home even though you cannot see it.

When something goes wrong with your ductwork, you’ll want to get it fixed right away.Total Home Protection can send a service agent to your house to assess the problem and fix it in no time.

Water Heater

If you like hot showers as most people do, you won’t want to live without a working water heater. Your water heater also ensures your dishwasher, your clothes washer, and any other faucet in the house has access to hot water when needed.

If you notice a problem with the water temperature in your home, file a claim with Total Home Protection, and they’ll have it figured out in no time.

Electrical System

Your electrical system is another internal system you can’t see, but it ensures you can plug in your appliances and turn on your lights.

Without it, you’d be in the dark, literally. With coverage from Total Home Protection, you can rest assured that your electrical system won’t have problems, and if it does, they’ll be easy to fix.

Plumbing System and Stoppage

If you have leaks or breaks in your gas, water, waste, vent, or drain lines, Total Home Protection can cover you up to $500 for diagnosis and repair.

They’ll also replace the broken part if it can’t be fixed. You’ll enjoy toilet tank, bowl, and joint part replacement as well.

Also, if your contractor has to cut into a wall to fix your issues, Total Home Protection will cover a rough finish of the site up to $500.

Home Appliances 

When critical appliances like your washer and dryer, built-in microwave, refrigerator, stove, oven, cooktop, garbage disposal, or dishwasher stop working, Total Home Protection’s coverage kicks in.

Your home warranty plan will cover all mechanical components that are necessary for these devices to function.

Warranty Plans

Total Home Protection offers a variety of plans including some optional items you can add if you need to customize your plan further.

While pricing varies based on location, every plan comes with a 30-day cancellation policy. If you pay for the entire year up front, you’ll receive one month free.

Gold Plan

 The gold plan provides basic coverage for the following:

  • plumbing system and stoppage
  • whirlpool bathtub
  • water heater
  • electrical system
  • range, oven, stove, cooktop, and built-in microwave
  • sump pump
  • dishwasher
  • trash compactor and garbage disposal
  • ductwork
  • garage door opener
  • ceiling and exhaust fans.

Platinum Plan

The platinum plan includes everything in the gold plan plus the following add-ons:

  • two air conditioning units
  • two heating systems
  • refrigerator
  • clothes washer and dryer.

Optional Coverage

With Total Home Protection, you can choose to cover optional items like the following: 

  • pools and spas
  • limited roof leaks
  • central vacuums
  • well pumps and septic systems
  • a second refrigerator, stand-alone freezers, water softeners, refrigerator ice makers, and free-standing ice makers
  • additional air conditioning systems, additional heating systems, other water heaters
  • several garage door openers.

The Good

Along with this exceptional service, Total Home Protection also provides additional benefits that add extra convenience to their customers including great customer service, average pricing, and reliable technicians.

Competitive Prices

Total Home Protection offers average prices for their coverage.

Since their pricing is on par with other services, you can focus on which coverage features you need rather than worrying about whether you’re getting a fair price.

24/7 Customer Service

Total Home Protection offers customer service that rivals most competitors in this arena. Their representatives are available 24/7 to help answer your questions, file your claims, and make the buying process easier.

You can rest assured you’ll always be able to reach someone if you have problems with any items covered under your home warranty.

This 24/7 availability includes an online chat feature, making it even easier for you to find someone to talk to quickly.

No Home Inspection

While other providers require a home inspection before they’ll cover your home, Total Home Protection doesn’t.

You can cover any home, no matter the age without needing a home inspection first. This is great news for people who live in older homes or people who are thinking of buying an older home.

It gives you the peace of mind you need no matter what condition your home is in.

Pre-Screened Local Technicians

The great thing about a home warranty plan is that you don’t have to search the yellow pages for an experienced contractor to fix your problem.

Total Home Protection already knows the best in the business, so no matter why you’re filing a claim, they’ll send the expert that’s right for you and your project.

You can trust the service technicians they send your way because they’re guaranteed to be licensed and insured.

Online Community

Total Home Protection offers a blog, maintenances tips, FAQ, and testimonials for your convenience. You can use these online resources to get additional information on anything you might want to know.

If you have questions, need advice, or want to hear more about someone else’s first-hand experience, you’ll find it all here.

You can search for articles on your own time instead of relying on someone else to provide you with the answers you need.

The Bad

There’s only one major downfall to Total Home Protection’s coverage, and it’s their limited coverage areas.

Unfortunately, Total Home Protection only covers 33 of the 50 United States. That means you can’t get their great service everywhere.

If you live in a state that’s not covered, you’ll need to shop around for a different home warranty company.

However, if your state is covered, that means the services they provide are dedicated to you and your needs, the technicians are licensed and insured, and you have access to one of the best providers of home warranties in the business.

Alternatives to Total Home Protection

As you shop around for a home warranty plan, take a look at the top home warranty companies below to see what each alternative has to offer.

The Bottom Line

While Total Home Protection isn’t available everywhere, they offer competitive pricing and coverage in 33 states.

The optional items can be added to any plan, making their plans more customizable than some competitors. This ensures you only pay for what you need.

They clearly list all inclusions and exclusions, making it easy for you to know exactly what you’re getting up front.

Terms and conditions are easy to understand, and customer service is available 24/7 for your convenience.

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