The science of yoga and mesmerism

January 19, 2019 vincenzi ester 0

A large part of yoga science is set on science of mesmerism. Heaven, hell, can see the scene of folklore. A man can feel the words, the scent in anyway he wants. The one who practice Nad Yoga listens to a variety of melodious words, music, sounds. The [READ MORE]

Man is the super-hub of power

January 15, 2019 vincenzi ester 0

Man is the hub of power. The ignorance and illusion have hidden his greatness. Just when human beings get rid of this confusion, their divine powers re-appears. By Yoga and meditation, mental powers can be enhanced and miraculous work can be done. Belief and faith are two sureties [READ MORE]

How to acquire the mentality of success?

January 10, 2019 vincenzi ester 0

If you want to be financially successful, then let the thoughts of prosperity come into heart in abundance. Never assume that you are born to be in poverty and insignificance. If there is something that is worst, then it is only thought-narrowness. The evil thoughts of poverty prevent [READ MORE]

Psychoanalyzing is the Key to Success

January 7, 2019 vincenzi ester 0

Work diligently on your own. Abandon laziness and don’t search for unnecessary lusts all the times. Your secret hidden abilities are capable of doing a lot. Remember, human desires are so infinite that they are even difficult to count. Fulfillment of all is impossible. So Some will have [READ MORE]

Have a happy life

December 10, 2018 vincenzi ester 0

High-quality psychic achievements are available to any individual only because they do know the methods required to achieve them. In general, if no one can be happy, then how can one develop a necessary mentality suitable for higher level practice? In order to fully awake the brain and [READ MORE]

Love can cure many sickness

December 9, 2018 vincenzi ester 0

World-renowned psychiatrist Thomas Malone has guided many research institutions seeking insanity and helped them reach any suitable findings on the basis of tests. The most important fact in the findings of his researches is that ‘man wants to get love from others, But he could not find it.’ [READ MORE]

Source of fear

December 9, 2018 vincenzi ester 0

Fear is a self-accumulated and invasive disease which is no less painful than physical diseases. In fleshly diseases, the blood is dry only in the flesh, but the body becomes hollow, diminished and weak within it. In addition, the damage to the mental weakness is also bigger. The [READ MORE]

Power of Divine

December 9, 2018 vincenzi ester 0

Common sense is that there is always a chance for harmony and harmony is a good thing. And For this, people become members in clubs, enter entities so that they have opportunity to interact with other people. Do not know why we are unfamiliar with God’s power and [READ MORE]

Meaning of Worship

December 9, 2018 vincenzi ester 0

Worship means – sitting close-by-side. Sitting near the God-this name is worshiped. In terms of power, God is involved in the particle of this world. Our body and the proximity environment are also with him only. It is near to the point of view. But still, he remains [READ MORE]