Insurance Reviews for You

Money. Assets. Life Insurance: How the Rich Use Life Insurance as Tax-Free Private Banking to Boost Their Savings Paperback

For centuries, America's elite have used cash value insurance to build wealth. When used correctly, it can be better described as a personal steroid bank and financial shelter for difficult times.

To be clear, this book is not about the typical crap that most insurance agents peddle. Rather, it is an alternative to the venture capital strategy taught on Wall Street.

It describes an efficient form of cash value life insurance designed to increase your savings and build wealth. A powerful product that has been responsible for the success of Walt Disney, JC Penney, Ray Kroc and thousands more.

You'll find the following:

• How the rich use this tool to create more wealth, reduce risk, and earn predictable income they can't survive

• Why banks and corporations are investing billions in this powerful tool

• How I got over 300% back with my life insurance

• How to create a secure, predictable foundation to improve every financial decision you make

• How to win taxes and keep more of your income

While the information gathered in this book is valuable, you'll also find three case studies to show you exactly how it works. You can visualize how it is growing, how it is being accessed, and the benefits that can be taken away in the future.

Business of Risk: Why the Insurance Market Failed and What to Do About It Hardcover

Why is dental insurance so bad? Why is pet insurance so expensive? Why is your auto insurance company asking about your credit score? The answers to these questions lie in understanding how insurance works. Unlike markets for other goods and services—for example, the grocer doesn’t care who buys the store’s broccoli or carrots—insurers choose their customers more carefully, because some are more expensive than others. 

The End of Insurance as We Know It: How Millennials, InsurTech, and VCs Will Disrupt the Ecosystem Paperback

The End of Insurance As We Know It has been an international bestseller since its publication. This is a unique book that details why the insurance industry, long considered dull, is undergoing fundamental change unprecedented in modern memory. The fusion of cheap sensors that "see" behavior of all kinds, cloud computing that can store these massive data sets for AI, and the development of advanced algorithms that can make sense of this data - all fundamental to how risk is measured and financed is rapidly shifting.

In addition, millennials are becoming the largest workforce and startups are in the insurance business, funded by venture capital flowing into the industry, encouraging traditional incumbents to innovate or perish with "insurance technology." This powerful confluence of trends will lead to massive disruption in the $5 trillion industry over the next decade and beyond. Whether you are an experienced insurance professional, a technologist trying to improve the field, an entrepreneur who sees many opportunities, or an investor looking for quick information on how to profit from disruption, this book is an essential guide for the journey ahead.

Insurance: Concepts and Coverage: Property, Liability, Life, Health and Risk Management Paperback

RISK IS THE DETERMINING FACTOR OF EVENTS... RISK IS EACH ORIGINAL AND EACH... offers a functional approach to the business of insurance with easy. -to-use industry property, liability- , in research on life and health insurance, as well as information on the basics of a risk management program.


Tenure and Succession Insurance Concepts Made Simple: The Ultimate Insurance Guide for Agents, Brokers, Underwriters and Adjusters

This book introduces key property and casualty concepts that are rarely discussed or printed; rather, they are often left to "discover" over time. These important concepts are now written for easy access to all insurance professionals. Examples of topics and concepts found in this book include rules for reading policies, grounds for exclusion of claims, transfer of contractual risks, legal theories of liability, "COPE" information, and proper explanation of coinsurance terms. There is also a fairly comprehensive glossary of insurance and insurance terms. Listeners gain a deeper understanding of insurance theories, are better prepared to explain insurance concepts to their clients, and have a better understanding of the loss assessment process.

The Business Insurance Playbook: 5 Strategies to Simplify Your Buying Experience and Win the Insurance Game Paperback

handy guide to buying business insurance from an industry veteran.

The commercial insurance purchase process stinks. Late renewals, limited options, slow service, unexpected revisions, unreasonable price increases, confusing paperwork, unclear requirements and difficulty getting quotes are just a few of the headaches you face every year. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to purchase insurance for your business. However, there is hope. Written by certified insurance advisor and industry veteran Micah Salas, the Business Insurance Book simplifies the process of buying business insurance by helping you understand the rules of the game and providing essential strategies for winning the game. This book will teach you how to: hold your insurance agent accountable trust that you are not leaving money on the table have peace of mind that your business is properly protected All this while still being able to focus on your business. best: run your own business. Business is complicated. Insurance is not required. So are you ready to win the game?